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1st Aid Event Services



The purpose of this document is to provide a clear understanding of the goals, tasks, functions, services, and expectations concerning what services are to be delivered to the clients, consumers, and/or contractors that elect to employ 1st Aid Event Services by Evolving Resolutions, LLC as a first aid provider.



Our vision is to provide professional, respectful, customer focus, first aid services to our customers and clients, who employ or contract us as their first aid providers.



Our mission is to become the leading provider and most sought-after first aid service provider in this industry.






1st Aid Event Services is a Life Link EMS LLC Service. 1st Aid Event Services is a service that provides first aid during private or public scheduled events in which services have been hired for. Services offered, includes basic first aid services, EMT- Basic Life Support services, up to Paramedic- Advance Life Support as preferred by your event. First Aid providers (EMTs) are CPR and AED trained, as required by law. All services will be provided under O.C.G.A 51-1-29; protecting any person providing care in good faith. Company Protocols will be used as guidelines to conduct services and/or patient care. Services are designed to provide the customer with an environment of safety, concerning unforeseeable injuries or illness accruing while guests, workers, employees, and/or the public are out at the scheduled event. Services will be tailored to meet the needs and requirements of each event that is purchased by the consumer. All services will be explained and clarified upon the selection of services. It is in good faith to provide these services in conjunction with Federal, State, & Local Laws.



Responder- an individual that is trained to provide CPR & understands the operation of an AED. Has informal or formal training in the use of soft goods for minor abrasions, cuts, or injuries.

EMT- an individual that is trained to provide CPR & understands the operation of an AED. Has formal training in the use of soft goods for minor abrasions, cuts, or injuries. Has the ability to access basic vitals (blood pressure, pulse, respirations, oxygen saturation, temperature), is able to operate an ambulance, and has some medical and trauma understanding. Understands basic medical report writing.

Ambulance- a vehicle that is used to facilitate the transport of a patient to a local emergency room. For the purpose of first aid services, this vehicle will only be used as an onsite treatment area to support the care of patients that may require additional assistance. 911 transport will always be the primary transport service for patients requiring transport to the hospital from the event. Unless the condition of the patient deems otherwise.

Patient Care Report- Documentation of treatment and care provided by a responder that has delivered additional care outside of the general wound care. Other additional care includes and is not limited to CPR, use of AED, vitals, glucose check, assistance with patient-prescribed medicines (oxygen, epi-pen), etc…. Reports are to be completed and transmitted or delivered to the State of Ga within 24 hours of patient care as required by the Ga Office of EMS.

First Aid Boxes (preferred Cintas)- boxes that are set up at the first aid table or in place units that contain bandages & general over-the-counter medicines that are available & are self-service to customers within the events. Responders will not promote the use, prescribe, or suggest any medicines to customers at any event as a treatment for any said condition. Customers/ consumers will use products at their own will.

First Aid Response Bag- response bags are first aid stocked bags, in conjunction with OSHA 1910.266 and Georgia Office of EMS and Trauma, that are used to respond to the location of said injured or ill person at the event, in which services have been hired and being provided.

BLS- basic life support, this is care provided at the basic level of EMT.

ALS- advance life support, this is care provided at the paramedic level of care.